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An Illustrated Outline History of Mankind Harris Gaylord Warren

An Illustrated Outline History of Mankind

Harris Gaylord Warren

Published 1969
380 pages
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 About the Book 

The recent death of Harris Gaylord Warren deeply saddened friends and colleagues of this distinguished historian of Paraguay. As the first researcher in the United States to delve seriously into the history of that often-ignored land, Harris Warren was an inspiration to a generation of scholars. In Paraguay, as well as in the United States, his contributions will long be remembered.In 1928, (Warren) gained an appointment as clerk of the U.S. Legation in Asuncion, Paraguay. There, his life-long fascination with the history and culture of that land was kindled... (He) enrolled at Stanford University, where in 1930 he received a masters degree in Latin American history, followed by a PhD in History from Northwestern.His scholarly career was marked by a wide-range of interests. While he is generally remembered today as the father of Paraguayan studies in the United States, his early work focused on borderlands history. His first book was The Sword Was Their Passport: A History of American Filibustering in the Mexican Revolution (1943)... Warren also authored many articles on the same theme and collaborated on various textbook ventures, in several instances with his wife Katherine Elizabeth Fleischman.In 1949, Warren produced the first serious English language text on Paraguayan history, Paraguay: An Informal History... While wanting to continue work on Paraguay, Warren was unable to return immediately to the South American archives. He concentrated instead on (work) that might be accomplished closer to home. In this vein, he published Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression as well as several short borderland studies and articles on U. S. - Latin American relations.Nevertheless, by the 1960s he returned to his first love, the history of Paraguay. He steadily contributed articles on Paraguayan immigration, politics, rail-roads, banking, and personalities... On retirement, he resolved finally to get some work done on the history of Paraguay. He continued to publish various articles and, more significantly, wrote Paraguay and the Triple Alliance: The Postwar Decade, 1869-1878 which appeared to general acclaim... In 1985, that first study was followed by the solid Rebirth of the Paraguayan Republic: The First Colorado Era, 1878-1904.Harris was researching the twentieth-century Liberal period of Paraguay when his health began to fail. To the end he remained optimistic, anxious to continue his work on Paraguay.- excerpted from Harris Gaylord Warren (1906-1988) (COONEY, WHIGHAM) from The Hispanic American Historical Review, Vol. 69, No. 3 (Aug., 1989), pp. 562-564 accessed 05/04/2014 via JSTOR