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Some Women Dance Helene Mansfield

Some Women Dance

Helene Mansfield

Published December 1985
ISBN : 9780380896295
411 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Theirs was a world of dazzling splendor, and they were its stars. Show girls in Europes most spectacular extravaganza, they danced in the glamour capitals of the world to the wild applause of princes and dukes. Showered with every luxury money could buy, they were seduced with tastes of decadence known only to the very rich and offered only to the very beautiful. Theyd known every kind of pleasure...every kind of love...and, before it was over...every kind of pain.But one woman coveted power more than any mans wealth. Fiercely independant, she created her own business empire. Then she fought to escape the golden cocoon of one mans dangerous obsession. Powerful, ruthless, insanely jealous, hed have her--or destroy her.Yet, unwittingly, hed taught her things most women never learn...about the games men play. Deadly games. For money. For power. For keeps.