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Year Abroad series, parts 1-4 box set Nadia M. Joliet

Year Abroad series, parts 1-4 box set

Nadia M. Joliet

66 pages
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 About the Book 

Series descriptionWhen twenty-seven-year-old Ariel is dumped by her cheating long-term boyfriend and fired from her job, she feels like shes lost everything. Abandoning her life back home, she heads to Australia for a year of rediscovering who she is while soaking up sun on the beach ... and meeting beautiful men from all over the world.Part 1. AwakeningShe has nothing left to lose.Rob is gorgeous and British, and Ariel is instantly attracted to him. She isnt ready to sleep with anyone, but she certainly wouldnt mind flirting, showing off her curves, and ultimately watching him live out her fantasy with someone else.This 4,900-word erotic short features graphic descriptions of consensual sex among near-strangers, semi-public sex, and voyeurism.Part 2. Getting WetIts only Ariels second day in Australia, and already things are heating up.Hot and bothered after watching Rob, the sexy British man shes just met, in a lusty encounter at their hostel, Ariel reevaluates her stance on having a one-night stand. As they go skinny-dipping together in the ocean and then return to the hostel for some steamy fun in the shower, Rob teases Ariel until she thinks shes going to burst.This 8,000-word erotic short features graphic descriptions of semi-public, consensual sex among near-strangers.Part 3. Diving InHis body looks sculpted by the sea. ...Ariels been in Australia one week, and already shes feeling restless. When she heads up the coast to learn to scuba dive, shes happy to discover that her Australian dive instructor, Jake, is gorgeous — and just possibly interested in her as well. While she has her eye on Jake, one of the other students has an eye on her, and she enjoys the attention. But is Ariel ready for another hot encounter so soon?This 7,100-word erotic short includes graphic descriptions of oral sex between consenting adults.Part 4. Diving DeepAriel knows what she wants, and shes going after him.When Ariels hot scuba instructor blows her off the day after their illicit encounter, Ariel is irritated. Luckily, a fellow students lustful gaze makes her feel sexy again, and after an invigorating first scuba dive, Ariel decides to take a risk. Will Jake, her dive instructor, want to spread her legs open again, or was their affair a one-time fling?This 4,900-word erotic short contains detailed, explicit descriptions of consensual, rough sex between adults.