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Unwrapping Historic Downtown Lancaster Jim Herrick

Unwrapping Historic Downtown Lancaster

Jim Herrick

Published May 10th 2013
290 pages
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 About the Book 

Herrick, Jim (1944 – )Herrick, an atheist and the author of works on the history of humanism, has written Vision and Realism, a Hundred Years of the Freethinker (1982)- Against The Faith (1985), essays on deists, skeptics, and Atheists- and A Humanist Anthology (1995).Herrick was on the editorial board of International Humanist and from 1993 to 1998 was editor of its successor, International Humanist News, which is the journal of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU).In addition, he is a former editor of The Free Thinker (1977—1981) and vice president of the National Secular Society.Herrick also was editor of New Humanist, the journal of the Rationalist Press Association, of which he is a member of the Board of Directors.“Bible-smashing is tedious to people who have smashed their Bibles,” Herrick quotes George Bernard Shaw in a lucid article, “The Freethinker Yesterday and Today” (Freethinker, June 1994). But ever since G. W. Foote’s first issue of the journal in 1881, Herrick notes that it has remained imperative to continue attacking the evangelicals’ “spread of pernicious myths and unnecessary hardship for children and parents.” Unfortunately, he adds, early freethinkers if they were to look at the current situation “would be surprised that religion has proved so persistent in the face of so many intellectual arguments against it. This shows that it is not rational thought that keeps the churches alive but emotion, habit, and the desire for power.” In 1996, speaking at the fourth World Atheist Conference held in Vijayawada, India, Herrick noted that no one has ever been injured by the truth. Self-deception is what actually injures humankind. “We must nurture the positive side of our atheistic existence,” he said, adding thatExtremist religion and fundamentalism, whether from the Christian Moral Right or from Islam, is growing in the world. We must on no account demonise the Muslims. I have met tolerant and civilised Muslims, the Sufi tradition of art and mysticism is fine, and many artistic endeavours are superb. We must keep in dialogue and encourage the liberals.In India, Herrick attended the Rationalist Conference held in 1996, at which fire-walking demonstrations were held to debunk the godmen who claim they have supernatural powers. He spoke on “Freedom of Speech as a Universal Human Right.” Also in 1996, he participated in the Humanist World Congress in Mexico City. Here, he received a distinguished service award for his four years’ editorship of International Humanist News.In 1998 he spoke at the IHEU’s congress in Mumbai. Herrick, one of the most recognized humanists around the world, resigned as the IHEU’s newsletter editor but remains active in international rationalist and humanist affairs. He signed Humanist Manifesto 2000 but lamented that “it has a far too rosy view of human nature,” “too much is left to the market economy,” and “the potential for human conflict is underestimated. . . . Nevertheless, perhaps irrationally, humanists of goodwill cannot allow these reservations to dampen the power of human effort and human hope.”More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Herrick