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Partners in Time Pamela Simpson

Partners in Time

Pamela Simpson

Published March 1st 1990
ISBN : 9780553284720
Mass Market Paperback
0 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A blend of sci-fi and mystery, nicely told. For private eye CJ Grant, it was one of those mornings. Shed barely survived one hell of an eathquake, when the handsome cowboy in the Steson and boots who saved herlife coolly informed her that he was Sam Hackett, a US Federal Marshal from 1882. Just what she needs - another macho male whos only passing through. Of course it wasnt Sams day either. One minute he was hot on the trail of a notorious outlaw, the next he was caught in a crazy world of horseless carriages and fast talking women, like CJ who enterains some strange notions about the opposite sex. Together theyre tacking a cold blooded killer whos cut a bloody path across two centuries.