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Why Cold Calling Doesnt Work Jason Kanigan

Why Cold Calling Doesnt Work

Jason Kanigan

Kindle Edition
24 pages
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 About the Book 

Are you a business owner or sales executive who has tried cold calling as a prospecting method? Did you find that cold calling didnt work for you?Yet you know that somehow this prospecting method, despite all the strange feelings it induces in you and/or your sales staff, clearly works for many companies--large and small.So what went wrong for you? Get this brief book and quickly find out the 12 unexpected reasons exactly why cold calling didnt work for you...and what you can do to fix it to start getting great clients through calling.Ive been doing this a long time but Im not ashamed to say that you are the FIRST person who has blown me away with your cold calling strategies. Ive worked for some of the masters of cold calling like Chet Holmes and the like but you top them all. ~Mark Fromm, CEO, Business Growth Today, Inc.Jason truly does have a unique approach. I have an extensive sales background and I believe his techniques are the best Ive found to take a brand new person to successful sales person. I also believe his reframing will help many people pick up the phone to make the calls. ~Christopher Dittemore, CEO, Local Tactics