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Think-O-Notion Jack Arsmith


Jack Arsmith

Published March 19th 2014
Kindle Edition
33 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Living your boring life without fun?Want something to spice up your life without letting anyone know about it?Here is a game to keep you physically engaged for about the next SIX months.What is it?Think-o-notion.A new term?Yes.Think-o-notion is about thinking of a topic and secretly working on it, while carrying out your routine activities. This sounds familiar, but isnt.Here is an example.Think about making a stranger your best friend. Now, the challenge is not to make that person your friend, but BEST FRIEND. Complete this task and you get stars. Thats challenging, but at the same time its something new, crazy and fun!Like every game, this game even has some rules and stages.Rules1. One task, one week. You cannot play two (or more) tasks simultaneously.2. If you mess up a task, restart the task. START FROM DAY ONE.3. Start a task when you are ready for it. This is because you might need to get some stuffs ready for the tasks.StagesWe start slow but as every week passes, the tasks become difficult.There are 25 stages(weeks) in all.Completing each task, you get stars. Your target is to collect at least 50 stars out of total 75 stars.Please note: For those who have lived an adventurous life, these tasks might not be that challenging but giving it a shot wont hurt. :)Remember, if you THINK, this will be fun.GO FOR IT! :)