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Dangling Participle Worksheet: 100 Puzzles with Solutions Gary Karbon

Dangling Participle Worksheet: 100 Puzzles with Solutions

Gary Karbon

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Over 4,300 words.A comprehensive worksheet of 100 puzzling sentences with solutions for students and teachers alike.Why do we call these sentences a “puzzle”?Consider a classic dangling participle example such as:“After being diced, the cook added the onion to the omelet.”Isn’t that puzzling – a cook getting diced!?Actually that unintended effect is due to the misplaced verb participle “being” which threw the whole sentence out of balance and turned it into a linguistic puzzle indeed.The dangling participle sentences in this special report are mostly taken from current news stories about real world events to keep the students engaged with the content.An ideal exercise set both for the students who are learning English and the teachers who would like to offer lively fresh examples to their students about the correct way to form a sentence without dangling participles.A true time saver and a useful teaching aid for teachers. With this worksheet, you can concentrate more on your teaching than waste time trying to come up with good examples of a dangling participle. With 100 great examples, you won’t repeat yourself in class anytime soon either.Each exercise sentence in this special report is followed by its “solution,” that is, the proper way the same sentence should’ve been constructed in the first place.If you’d like to make a guess at the solution yourself, use a sheet of paper to cover the answer and then try to come up with a solution yourself. Then uncover the solution and compare yours to the proposed answer.