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Brandons Breaks A.M. Brooke

Brandons Breaks

A.M. Brooke

Published February 11th 2008
ISBN : 9781604746624
532 pages
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 About the Book 

Good breaks, bad breaks, lucky breaks, heartbreaks, bone breaksaat age forty-nine, Pete Brandon has certainly had his share of each. But the one he gets on a cold December morning as he prepares for his thirteen-year-old daughteras holiday visit is not only unbelievable, but virtually unimaginable as well. And it will trigger a series of tumultuous events that will dramatically change his life. What follows is an account of the next three years of Peteas life (along with a flashback to that time of his youth wherein he makes, through acts of his own choosing, an accelerated transition from boy to man), during which he lives through several extraordinary situationsasome bringing extreme joy- others crushing heartbreakaall resulting from this amazing abreak.a All of these abreaksa serve to ultimately help him undergo a spiritual awakening, which molds him into the man he will continue to be for the remainder of his life.