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Warriors of the Dark Ages Jennifer Laing

Warriors of the Dark Ages

Jennifer Laing

Published March 25th 2000
ISBN : 9780750919203
178 pages
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 About the Book 

Examines the barbarians from Europe and beyond who harassed, eroded and eventually caused the disintegration of the Roman Empire, including the Huns, Mongolian horsemen who swept into Europe to form a short-lived empire from the Urals to the Rhine- the Visigoths, or western Goths, who sacked Rome in 410 and ruled Spain from Toledo until the Moorish conquest in 711- the Ostrogoths, or eastern Goths, who ruled Italy from 493 until the Emperor Justinian drove them out in 534- the Franks, a group of Germanic tribes who came to rule France under the Merovingians- and the Vandals, fierce Arian Christians who invaded Gaul and Spain around 400 and sacked Rome in 455.