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Relax, Its Good for You Ed Bernd Jr

Relax, Its Good for You

Ed Bernd Jr

Published February 22nd 2014
ISBN : 9781496025722
42 pages
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 About the Book 

This brief book by Ed Bernd Jr. has been popular since first published in 1977. It deals with the art and science of relaxation, and includes a unique look at our biological programming, as well as how you can learn to make better use of the right brain hemisphere and the alpha brain wave level.This special edition was edited by Jose Silva. This book includes numerous practical tips that you can start to use immediately to reduce the tension and stress in your life.It also includes a look at additional resources you can use to help you deal with the issues that cause tension and stress in your life.Dont let stress harm your health, ruin your relationships, batter your business, and make you miserable.Learn to redirect the stress and use it as an energy source to propel you to the success that you know deep within yourself you are capable of.