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The Truth & Nothing But...: A Familys Ordeal! Nayan Tara Kar

The Truth & Nothing But...: A Familys Ordeal!

Nayan Tara Kar

Published August 29th 2013
ISBN : 9781478706052
178 pages
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 About the Book 

Family relationships are delicate. The author recalls fond and poignant memories of her childhood growing up in a tropical island-paradise and her closeness to her parents as an only child for nine years. Coming to the United States put them in a new environment and society that required fast Americanization. Then tragedy hit the family changing their lives. It took years to bring some normalcy back to their lives but soon a stranger from a foreign land entered their lives and disrupted their family and peace. Every option the family tried to get back their victimized parent hit blocked walls. The frustrations and tribulations made the author wonder what Truth meant from different perspectives. This led her to an understanding that brought an uneasy closure to the whole traumatic drama in her life. An ingenious but horrendous case of elder abuse became the impetus for this memoir-autobiography-biography because something like this could touch anyones lives. One familys ordeals and loss ended with anothers gain. The laws of the country and the cracks and inefficiencies of various government agencies allowed conniving and clever tricksters to get away with a bounty. The victims family was left dumbfounded and unable to fathom how they could be bilked in this advanced country with all types of checks and balances. The rights of the perpetrators of the crime were protected while the victims had no recourse!